Farewell to Orphan Flowers

A farewell to viewers on the 113th episode from the legendary series Orphan Flowers!

The cast and team of the series Orphan Flowers (Kırgın Çiçekler) that was aired every Monday night, came together on the farewell dinner last night.  At the evening that ATV Channel organized and the channel managers participated “Thank You” plaques were given to the cast and the main team.

ATV’s General Manager Metin Ergen held a short speech saying  “ This was a summer project. While everyone was happy walking on the beaches we were telling the story of a young gırl being abused by her step-father. She was an orphaned gırl but she was not giving up, she was resisting and staying strong with her friends in the orphanage. I am sure that many young adults watched the series, were affected and learned from it. It was one of the legendary series in the Turkish TV history without any doubt. I would like to thank everyone that was a part of this great production from the bottom of my heart”.

The Orphan Flowers cast and team took pictures while they enjoyed the evening. They were also sad sad at the same time for their goodbye to the series and to one another. They took a wish to come together for other productions in the future while cutting their cake.

The series Orphan Flowers (Kırgın Çiçekler) was produced by Mehmet Yiğit Alp and directed by Serkan Birinci. Orphan Flowers (Kırgın Çiçekler) cast includes Özgür Çevik, İpek Karapınar, Biran Damla Yılmaz, Gökçe Akyıldız, Çağla Irmak, Aleyna Solaker, Hazar Motan, Mehmet Aykaç, Arif Diren,Sacide Taşaner, Zeynep Irgat and many more.