Ntc Media Attended Natpe Budapest International Event.

Great Interest To Ntc Media At The Natpe Budapest Organization

“Orphan Flowers” and “Love and Hate” series drew great deal of attention from the leading global organizations of the media industry at the NATPE BUDAPEST 2018 Event.

Turkish series were very popular at the NATPE Budapest 2018 Event which was held in Budapest, Hungary. The organization had participants from the leading companies of TV and media industry.  “Orphan Flowers” and “Love and Hate” series produced by NTC Media drew great interest from the global companies at NATPE Budapest. Around 500 companies from more than 60 countries participated to this huge and important event.  The producer of the series Mehmet Yiğit Alp mentioned “I was very happy and proud to see Turkish series and NTC Media series grabbing this much attention at an international event such as NATPE Budapest. Our goal is to reach out to as many countries as possible”.